If you have decided to participate in one of our holiday programmes, we will gladly assist in finding the best solution for your trip and travel preparations !

Transfer from/to airport/station in Kiruna
For avoiding unnecessary delay in your arrival in MerasjA�rvi a rental car is booked at the airport /station. This service is already included in the package price.
After appr. 1 hour by car you have reached your destination.

Journey by plane
If you come from the european countries you need to get a flight to Stockholm first.
In Stockholm you have to change planes in order to reach the airport in Kiruna. The flight time from Stockholm to Kiruna is 1,5 hours.
The following listed companies offer flights from Stockholm/Arlanda airport to Kiruna:
Sas ( has departures twice a day and offers flights as well.
Both Internetsites are available in english.
The prices can vary a lot depending on the day of arrival- and departure. is flying twice a day from Stockholm to GA�llivare.
The distance beweeen GA�llivare and our huskyfarm is only 20 km more than the distance between us and Kiruna. So there will be no extra costs if you chose to arrive in GA�llivare.
Depending on which country you live in there are several companies offering flights to Stockholm.
The best way to find a suitalble flight from your country to Stockholm is either to ask your travel agency for a good and price-worthy flight connection
or by surching through the Internet ( .
Try to enter passwords as: a flights from …..(for example London, ZA?rich, Paris) to Stockholm.
You will probably receive a number of flight companies which offer connections to Stockholm.
We are glad to help you with your travel arrangements.

Ryanair is also an alternative to check out as they offer very cheap flights to Stockholm/Skavsta airport.
But remember that ryanair only has landing permission on Skavsta airport, which is located 150 km away from Arlanda airport.
There are train connections between the two airports. You can read more about these connections on the internet

Journey by train If you decide to take the train in order to reach our huskyfarm, you have to reckon with at least 2 extra travel days.
From Stockholm you take the night train to Kiruna and you will arrive the following day at noon at Kiruna station.