Here in Lapland, winter lasts from November til May. For over six months the northern tundra
forests and lakes are covered by ice and snow: Ideal conditions for adventurous and active winter holidays.

This is the time to go on a dogsledge tour with your own dog-team. Or try a snowmobile tour through forests and over lakes .
If you are interested in samish culture, their history and the way they live today: We can arrange visits in their villages.
Or you choose a trip to the world famous Ice or visit Santa Claus Our complete programme range is tailor-made for people, who wish to experience Lapland in an active way.

During longer lasting dogsledge trips we stay in wilderness cabins, beautifully situated near a lakes and rivers, with a rather low standard.
You can book our winter-programmes for the period from the December until April each year.
Contact us by email for further information on vacancies.
If you are passing by and want to experience a shorter dogsledge tour, you are welcome to contact us at short notice. Often we have vacancies on our weekend coffe- and lunchtours.

All our programmes are designed for beginners as well as experienced “mushers”.
Even children 13 years and older can drive their sledge.

We have paid special attention on meaningful safety regulations for our guests (and also for our dogs).
The tours may lead us through difficult terrain or we may pass reindeer-hurdles, that is the reason, why all our tours are accompanied by a snowmobile and a second guide.

Check out our different experiences:

Program 1 – Fika Tour

Program 2 Lunch Tour

Program 3 One nightA�with sledge-dogs

Program 4 Two nightsA�with sledge-dogs across Laplands Taiga

Program 5 Holiday on our Farm


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